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29001 Solon Rd. Solon, OH 44139

Services Offered: Disability Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Travel Insurance, Specialty Lines, Renters Insurance, Condo Insurance, Pet Insurance, Liability Insurance, Home Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Auto Insurance

Company Overview: Insurance.Com is near Cleveland, Ohio and is an independent business. They are associated with many top insurance companies in the nation, and sell insurance in all 50 states. They are known in New York as Insurance.com Insurance Agency of Ohio, Inc. and in New Hampshire as Comparison Market Insurance Agency, Inc.

Our Review: The company is good, the information they give is excellent, and the quotes are free, which is always a bonus

User Review: I’ve always shopped at Insurance.com for my auto and home insurance. Since my accident left me permanently disabled, I turned to a company I trusted for disability insurance and I wasn’t disappointed. Thank you Insurance.com!

Ameriprise Financial

70100 Ameriprise Financial Center Minneapolis, MN 55474
(800) 842-3344


Services Offered: Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance

Company Overview: Ameriprise has been in business for over 110 years, with more than 2.8 million clients. They have $484 billion in assets as of 2007, and continue to grow. They were formed under the name Investors Syndicate back in 1894 by John Tappan, and as of April 2007 were ranked number 247 on the Fortune 500 list.

Our Review: With a solid history you can’t go wrong. Finding things on the website is a little complicated, but they offer disability insurance to all consumers who need it, and their customer service section is very well put together.

User Review: I’ve been using Ameriprise for investing for over twenty years. I’ve always had great service from them. When I became disabled, but wasn’t yet eligible for social security, I turned to Ameriprise, and it worked out great! Their disability people are just as friendly and informative as their investment team, and I love it.

Nationwide Better Health

Three Nationwide Plaza Columbus, OH 43215


Services Offered: Insurance, Health Insurance, Maternity and Obesity Management

Company Overview: Nationwide Better Health is owned and operated by Nationwide Insurance. Nationwide Insurance teamed up with Gates McDonald, a company that has over 75 years of experience providing worker’s compensation and disability management, and in 2006 became known as Nationwide Better Health. In 2007, the company acquired WellCorp and INTERVENT, and has served over 3 million consumers nationwide.

Our Review: This company offers a great service to people who need it. In addition to offering the disability insurance, however, they also offer disability management programs to those who are insured, which is awesome. Not only is this company an insurance company, they’re also trying to be a preventative company, which is great. Their website is very professional and easy to use.

User Review: I found Nationwide Better Health through a doctor’s referral. With their disability insurance I was able to pay my bills, and with their disability management program I was back to work a whole month sooner than the doctors thought I would be. This is a great company, and I plan to stay with them for a long time.


One MetLife Plaza 27-01 Queens Plaza North Long Island City, NY 11101


Services Offered: Disability Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Financial planning and advice

Company Overview: Metlife began in 1863 by a group of businessmen who raised money to form the National Union Life and Limb Insurance Company. In the past 137 years, they’ve changed their name and bought out Citigroup Travelers Life and Annuity, as well as all of Citigroup’s international business. They have served millions of customers through the years, and have a goal of 100 million customers by 2010.

Our Review: With 137 years of experience, this company must be doing something right. Their website is very professionally laid out, and all the information and services they offer are great. Their customer contacts are readily available for those who would rather speak to someone. The plans that they offer are very well explained in the website, also.

User Review: I have been insured with another major health insurance company for years. When I had my accident and found out that they didn’t offer disability insurance, I started looking for a new company. I found MetLife after seeing a television commercial, and decided to check them out. They offered me a great policy for my short term disability, as well as offering me a great health insurance policy. My old company should learn something from these guys, they’re great.

How To Select The Best Company For Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance is essential to your overall health, yet many people do not have Disability insurance. Without it, you will end up spending fortunes on dentist bills over your lifetime. Finding Disability insurance, however, is simple. Many companies offer it alongside of their health insurance plans, but some others will offer it separately. There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for Disability insurance. Disability insurance is different than Disability plans, which some companies offer. However, that doesn’t mean that Disability plans are bad. Here’s the difference: Disability plans offer discounted visits and procedures for one monthly or yearly cost, while insurance actually gets billed and pays for most of your Disability work after the deductible has been met. Either way, you can’t go wrong getting one or the other. Disability insurance will probably provide more widespread and available savings to you, but may cost a little more. With the discount plans, discounts are limited to whatever dentists accept the discount cards. While most Disability insurance is also limited to certain providers, the list is not nearly as brief. However, if you already have a dentist that accepts a certain discount service and only go once or twice a year, it may be cheaper to go with the discount plan instead of an actual insurance policy. No matter which route you decide to take, getting Disability insurance doesn’t have to be difficult. Just make sure you’re working with a customer friendly company who knows what they’re doing and is willing to answer your questions. You’ll have to do a little bit of research, but with a little knowledge you can have a Disability insurance policy in no time. And as with any insurance, if you aren’t sure of anything you can always contact a local independent agency for more assistance.

Other Top Companies For Disability Insurance:

Mutual of Omaha

Address: Mutual of Omaha Plaza Omaha, Nebraska 68175
Phone: 800-775-6000


Principal Financial Group

Address: 711 High Street Des Moines, IA 50392
Phone: 800.986.3343

Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company

Address: P.O. Box 1365 Columbia, SC 29202-1365
Phone: 800-325-4368


Guardian Disability Insurance

Address: 15825 Shady Grove Road Suite 70 Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: 888-513-2300