Looking For The Best Boat Insurance Companies?

Best Boat Insurance Companies

Good Sam Club

P. O. Box 6888 Englewood, CO 80155-6888

Services Offered: Boat Insurance, Travel Insurance, RV Insurance, Term Life Insurance, Auto Insurance

Company Overview: Good Sam Club was founded initially to provide RV insurance, and has expanded their reach to offer their members special deals on other insurances such as travel insurance and auto insurance. The company has been in business for over 40 years, and is a member of the RV.net family.

Our Review: So in order to get boat insurance you have to be a member of the club, which means paying for membership. However, if you’re an avid RV traveler, then it isn’t a bad deal, because you get tons of perks for RVing. However, if all you need is boat insurance, you’ll probably find a better deal elsewhere.

User Review: I’ve been a member of the Good Sam Club for over three years now. When I decided to buy a boat, I was excited to know that my membership got me a great insurance policy for it. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re the outdoors type or like RVing and camping.

National Boat Owner’s Association

4404 N. Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34234-3864


Services Offered: Boat Insurance, Marine Insurance, Yacht Insurance

Company Overview: NBOA was founded to provide great rates on boat insurance, as well as all other boat related needs, such as towing, trip packages, boat purchasing, and more. They are located in Florida, and members enjoy the exclusive benefits of this company, such as discounted rates on insurance, trips, and other products and services.

Our Review: This company obviously seems like a good company, but the website is full of links and “click here” and little information. In order to find anything out that really matters you have to contact the company. For being a national association, their website surely leaves something to be desired.

User Review: I joined the NBOA to get discounts on towing and other services for my boat. I am a member of AAA Auto club for my car, so I figured I should join a similar program to ensure the security of my boat, and I haven’t been disappointed. The service is great and so are the rates.

United Marine Underwriters

1309 Bluegrass Parkway LaGrange, KY 40031


Services Offered: Boat Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, ATV Insurance, RV Insurance, Mobile Home Insurance, Classic Car Insurance

Company Overview: United Marine was founded in 1990 to provide specialty insurance to consumers. They have succeeded in being one of the top specialty insurers because of their focus and commitment to providing consumers and agents with specialized services.

Our Review: United Marine appears to have it all when it comes to specialty insurance. They offer all kinds of insurance you can’t find elsewhere, plus a great website layout and customer service section. This seems like a good place to get boat insurance, or any other specialty insurance you need.

User Review: I came across United Marine when I was looking for insurance for my RV and my boat. I looked a few other places, but not many companies offered both insurances, and I wanted to keep them together if at all possible. United Marine let me do that. Their customer service is great, and their policies are top notch.

How To Select The Best Company For Boat Insurance

Finding the right boat insurance company is going to be much like finding the right auto insurance company. You will need to do your research and see what is available to you. Also, you will need to decide how much coverage you need; whether you need a full coverage policy or a small liability policy will be a major factor. Another thing to consider is the knowledge of the company you are looking for. Boat insurance, although similar to car insurance, is in its own field, and you need to find a company that specializes in marine insurance, just for your own peace of mind. For example, what if you put your boat insurance with the same insurance company that insures your car, but even though they sell boat insurance they know little about it. Then you’re stuck with insurance you don’t understand and a company that can’t help you. If you have friends or associates that have boats, you can always go to them for a referral. They will usually be a good judge of what companies are better than others because they’ve used them. Don’t always settle for the cheapest policy either. Believe it or not, the cheap policy is not always the best policy, and may end up costing you more in the end. If you don’t know enough about boats to understand your boat insurance, you should probably study up before taking her out for a drive. Boats can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re a novice boater, it is recommended that you ensure you have a great deal of insurance to cover the cost of your boat. Why would you buy something as expensive as a boat and not make sure it’s well protected? If you have any questions about boat insurance or don’t understand certain terms of the policies offered to you, seek the help of an independent agency, who acts as a mediator between the insurance company and the consumer.

Other Top Companies for Boat Insurance:
Geico Insurance

Address: One GEICO Plaza Washington, DC 20076
Phone: 800-861-8380


Allstate Insurance Company

Address: P.O. Box 12055 1819 Electric Rd. S.W. Roanoke, VA 24018
Phone: 800-ALLSTATE


State Farm Insurance

Address: One State Farm Plaza Bloomington, IL 6171029202-1365
Phone: 660-744-5838


Progressive Insurance

Address: 6300 Wilson Mills Road Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143
Phone: 1-800-PROGRESSIVE