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FundFirst Capital is a website started with one purpose: to provide research and testing from our team of experts on various products and companies. We believe our information will help you make better decisions in which company to do business with and which products will solve your current problems.

After all, it’s a jungle out there; you might as well bring a trusted friend along.

The recommendations and analysis which we make on this website are strictly our own opinions and should be treated as such. We highly advise you, as a consumer, to do your own research based on your needs, wants and desires. While our recommendations are based on many hours of research, testing, and analysis, every consumer’s needs are different and what we feel is best may not be best for you in your situation.

Why Are Review Websites Important

In nearly every industry, there are hundreds of companies you can do business with. The amount of time it would take you, as a consumer, to review and research hundreds of companies would be similar to taking on a second full-time job. There are far better uses of your time.

Instead of researching hundreds of companies, you should use review websites to help narrow down the number of companies you intend to research on your own. For example, by using reputable review sites, you can narrow down your list to 3-5 companies which is very manageable for your time.

FundFirst CapitalCan Company/Product Review Websites Trustworthy?

Some review websites can be trusted and others you should stay as far away as possible. What’s the difference? It all depends on what they disclose to you. For example, if a review website says, “We love people so we are providing these reviews completely free so you can make the right choice.” Yeah, sure they are. It is the rare company that does something “just to be nice.” There is almost always a catch. And the catch in this situation is the review website is compensated with money each time their recommendations are used by a consumer.

Now, if that is not disclosed, there is a good chance they are trying to deceive you into believing their recommendations so they can get paid. Us? We make our affiliations very well known and very clear. How clear? In our Disclaimer page, we just outright state that you should just assume that any recommendation listed on our site we get paid for.

Does that mean that we allow for our ratings to be swayed based on a commission or fee paid? Absolutely not. We are very good at what we do, and we do our reviews FIRST, find the best companies and then we reach out to them to strike a deal in order to be compensated for the work we put in. This way YOU don’t have to pay us for our time and effort, the company does.

What happens if your top rated company stumbles and starts giving bad service?

Then they will get downgraded and possibly removed from our site. We are consumers too, and we don’t like to be led astray, ever. We don’t believe in doing that to our customers. After all, it is just common sense that if we were to deceive you, you’d tell all your friends and that would ruin our reputation. We are in this for the long-term, and our goal is to build the most trusted review site in the space.

There’s an old proverb that reads, “Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.”

This is how we run our website. Trust to us is everything. Unlike other review sites that do not get updated for years, our site is updated daily, and we do monthly checks on ALL of our past recommendations to ensure nothing has changed.

How Do Review Websites Make Money?

Shouldn’t I Just Trust the BBB When Looking To Do Business With a Company? Why Do I Need You?

This might be shocking to you, but back in 2010, ABC News broke a story that the BBB was a “Pay to Play” business instead of the fair and balanced company review site many people believe that they are.

To prove this, a group of Los Angeles-based business owners created a fake company named Hamas, after a Middle Eastern terror group, paid the BBB $425 and received an A- rating.

There were even examples cited, with ABC’s cameras rolling of local businesses in the Los Angeles area told that their “C” rating could only be changed if they became members for a $395 fee. Ritz Carlton, the world-known luxury hotel chain’s “F” rating was due to two complaints among millions of customers served. This is what it means to “Pay to Play.”

The bottom line is, this is why we started FirstFund Capital so that you can get real information, analysis, and recommendations. No one can “Pay to Play” to get us to change our ratings or recommendations. And yes, there are recommendations on our site which we do not get paid a commission. However, the majority of our recommendations we do get paid.

We work hard in delivering to you an unbiased recommendation based on many factors, all of which, we outline in our reviews. If you received a bad review from us, and you want it changed, contact us for a re-review, but know that we will publish that you contacted us requesting the re-review. There is a chance we may even publish your email. We believe in transparency. It is one of the many small things we do to build trust with our readers.

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