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In our research, the time in getting cash for structured settlement varies greatly. There are some transactions which after they were approved took over two months to deposit the funds into the seller’s account. Do you want to wait over two months for your money? We don’t think so. This is why choosing the right structured settlement buyer to handle the process is so important.

There are many variables that go into choosing which structured settlement company to handle this transaction for you. You want, of course, the best cash offer available to you and you want flexibility so that you can sell either a portion or the entire amount of your structured settlement for cash.

How can you protect yourself? It is easy. Your structured settlement cash offer will be in writing. Also, included in the offer is the time frame of when the transaction is approved by the judge and when the money arrives in your account. Any reputable structured settlement firm will agree to this. You don’t want to be strung along and play the waiting game. You are selling your structured settlement for cash to reduce your stress, not create more. For example, it could state that in five (5) business days or less the money will be transferred to your account. You can discuss with your representative what the “penalty” should be if the money is not transferred to you in time. Normally, the penalty would be a flat amount and percentage of the amount you are to receive per agreed time period the money is late.

For example, let’s say that you agree to sell your structured settlement payments for $37,000. If your structured settlements cash payment is late, you will be paid a flat $500.00, plus 1% of agreed amount for each calendar week the money is not deposited. In this example, it would be $370.00. So, if the money is one day late, you will be awarded $870.00 in additional monies. The next $370.00 would accrue on the following Sunday. Even if the transaction was supposed to close on a Friday, you could get paid again on Sunday. This gives the buyer a huge incentive to follow through with their promise, and it takes all the stress away from you.
structured settlement cash

structured settlement cash

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Structured Settlement Cash NOW

We can help you cash out your structured settlement without getting ripped off. Usually, the process is handled at the time of the settlement for your personal injury, but it can also be done afterward as well. Cashing in your future payments can be the difference in continuing the stress in your life or finally reducing your stress and focusing on what is most important to you.

By selling you can use the cash for debt, going back to school to finish your degree, remodeling your home, buying a new home, or getting quick cash for paying off medical expenses, etc. The key to lowering your stress and giving yourself a better life than you have right now is taking your future payments and turning them into cash.

Just know that the commercials you see on TV make the process sound so easy. It isn’t. This is why we provide you with an attorney to ensure you are protected, and your best interests are looked after. This is why the selling of your future payments is done in front of a judge as she or he wants to ensure that the needs of you and your family are being considered. This is all for your personal protection. There are many factors which come into play regarding the approval of the sale of your payments. Your age will be considered as well as your current health. The state which you live in has a huge factor because each state has their own rules and laws when it comes to how annuities are handled. Even if you are in Long Beach, California, you can find the means of getting your settlement sold. The number and size of the payments will also be looked at closely. The judge wants to make sure that your long term financial stability is not compromised from the sale of your payments. The company that owns your structured settlement, their financial health will be looked at as well. If it is determined that their financial health is not good, even if the reasons why you want to sell are questionable, the sale could be approved because of fears the company going under.

  1. How fast can I get cash for my structured settlement?
    There are so many variables that it is very hard to give an estimation without knowing more information regarding your account. This is why it is important to call and speak to a buy structured settlements expert. The most common variables are which state you live in, the type of annuity you have, the length of time left on your annuity and the total amount of the pension.
  2. I have a structured settlement and I need cash now!
    Your best course of action is read all of our reviews, call us and speak to an experienced rep on the phone. They state they guarantee you will get the best offer with the lowest fees in the industry or they will pay you a cash payment for your trouble. That’s a low-risk phone call. Just say “I want to sell my settlement” when they answer the phone. They will take it from there. The process to sell your structured settlement will be easier and less stressful for someone who has a wealth of experience guiding you each step of the way and helping you will all the paperwork needed to get your settlement payout.

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