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A Structured Fund is a combination of fixed-income and equity-based products. Such funds make use of these products and protect the investors’ capital. At the same time, they also provide an opportunity for capital appreciation. Around 80% of the assets are invested in fixed-income products while only 20% is invested in options and derivatives. The potential of capital appreciation comes out from the investment in derivatives like stocks.

There are many companies which offer structured settlements and one such company is Woodbridge Structured Funding. Established in the year 1993, Woodbridge is based out of Sherman Oaks in CA. This company is one of the oldest ones involved in the structured payments purchasing business. With over twenty years of experience in the market, this company claims that it is the one responsible for the innovation in the purchase of future payments. The company’s website is filled with success stories and how they helped thousands of people. But is this company really what it claims to be? Let’s find out.

How do they work?

Woodbridge has a team of financial experts who serve the clients and educate them about their financial investments. In short, they help them decide whether to sell their settlement payments for cash. It provides you with everything from knowledge, strength and a number of executives that you may need while making a sale. These future payments include everything from lottery winnings to annuities. They have a guarantee of offering the best price in the market. They offer no-obligation free quotes over the phone or the Internet.

  • Their team:
    Woodbridge has a close-working team of professional that includes the management team, account executives, assistants and the financial experts. Together, they work towards helping the clients in getting the most money.
  • The Truth:
    The website is quite user-friendly and you may start to assume that this company may just be your best friend. Before you do that, let me tell you that there have been many complaints against the company. Many clients claim that the account executives tend to get very rude at times, especially if a client refuses the quote. There have been complaints about the company deliberately delaying payouts in order to make more money and pay less. There also have been cases in which the money deposited was never returned.

What have the ex-employees got to say about Woodbridge?

The best way to find out about a company is by talking to its ex-employees and the general consensus of Woodbridge’s ex-employees is not good. Many say that the company has no structure. There are no clear priorities and they hire & fire like anything. The company restructures frequently making it a susceptible place to put your money in. These are definitely not good signs.

Final Verdict:
Yes, Woodbridge Structured Funding is an old player in the market but that does not guarantee anything. The company has helped many people over the years and you can hear these stories from the clients’ mouth itself. But the company has degraded a lot as time passed. Now, they seem to be just a bunch of people looking to make the most money with the least bit of professionalism. Invest at your own risk.

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