Woodbridge Structured Funding

Reviews of Woodbridge Funding

There are many companies that buy structured settlements and one such company is Woodbridge Structured Funding. Established in 1993, Woodbridge is based out of Sherman Oaks in CA. This company is one of the oldest ones involved in the structured payments purchasing business. With over twenty years of experience in the market, this company claims that it is the one responsible for the innovation in the purchase of future payments.

How do they work?

Woodbridge has a team of financial experts who serve the clients and educate them about their financial investments. In short, they help them decide whether to sell their settlement payments for cash. It provides you with everything from knowledge, strength and a number of executives that you may need while making a sale. These future payments include everything from lottery winnings to annuities. They offer no-obligation free quotes over the phone or the Internet.

  • Their team:
    Woodbridge has a close-working team of professional that includes the management team, account executives, assistants and the financial experts. Together, they work towards helping the clients in getting the most money.

Final Verdict:
Yes, Woodbridge Structured Funding is an old player in the market. The company has helped many people over the years and you can hear these stories from the clients’ mouth itself.

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