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Mutual of Omaha is a Fortune-500 mutual insurance and financial services company based in Omaha, Nebraska. Founded in 1909 through a merger of Mutual Benefit Health and Accident Association and Nebraska Insurance department.

This unbiased review will tell you all you need to know about this long-standing insurance company from Omaha. The review will be segmented to aid in easy assimilation and understanding.

What We Think Of This Company

  1. Slow Operation of Services: One of the major complaints submitted by customers of this insurance company is the fact that they are very slow in dealing with both new and old customers.
  2. Applying for an insurance policy with them can be a very stressful and drawn-out process even when you have your documents complete. They often demand for unnecessary and hard-to-get documents before a policy is approved.Most customers agree that once you are able to get through this initial process, their services actually get better. Notwithstanding, applying for a policy should be a quick and painless experience.If you are not fond of lengthy periods of waiting and submitting scores and scores of often unnecessary paperwork, then you should look elsewhere for your insurance needs. If this doesn’t bother you however, then you’ll find that doing business with them isn’t a complete pain.
  3. Poor Customer Service: It is often said that a company is only as good as its customer service. With the kind of service insurance companies provide, they usually need to provide good customer support in-case of issues.Mutual of Omaha offers poor customer care when actually needed. Cashing-out a policy with Mutual of Omaha often turns into a lengthy, drawn-out experience and their customer service doesn’t help matters.Speaking to the customer service representatives on the phone reminds you too much of a call centre. The representatives rarely give out useful information needed to rectify an issue.The customer care department is one where Mutual of Omaha should focus on and revamp. Customers deserve nothing less than the best customer support whatever the service a company provides.
  4. Ambiguous Policies: Customers should take extra care when signing up for lengthy insurance policies above 20 years. This is because this company has clauses in their lengthier policies that increases the cost of monthly premiums.When dealing with this companies, customers are advised to review their final documents so that the monthly premiums are not higher than what they can afford.

If you make a habit of reviewing your documents regularly, then working with this company should not pose any problems as they actually have some legitimately good policies.

Mutual of Omaha is a very large, multi-faceted companies with legitimately good insurance policies and affordable monthly premiums. This is true as long as customers review their final documents at least yearly. Neglecting this can increase the monthly premiums to ridiculous amounts.

As for the customer support, a little perseverance and patience is all that is needed to work with them.

If you can get through all these issues, then you will find that Mutual of Omaha is a good insurance company that you can rely on when things turn sour.

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