Fairfield Funding

Reviews of Fairfield Funding

Fairfield Funding is a buyer of structured settlement annuity. The company prides itself in only employing financial professionals who have the knowledge and skills to find the optimal solution to their clients’ needs. It focuses completely on the purchase of structured settlements and annuities. They are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a non-profit organization focused on advancing marketplace trust that also serves as an intermediary between consumers and businesses.

The History Of The Company

Fairfield Funding is a respectable and well-known company in the industry.

The company has excellent customer service, with many of their clients satisfied with how the company handles each one. The company listens to each client, carefully considering their needs and tailor solutions for their problems. They take pride in maintaining a caring professional relationship with clients. The company also takes care to educate their clients on the process they are involved, walking them through everything step by step. They also offer speed and convenience, boasting that they can give quotes in minutes if the client’s documents and other information are ready. The company also offers the “Fairfield 100% Guarantee”, a strategy to entice clients. They promise to four things; best price, cash now, fixed, and fast. They guarantee that the client with getting the best price compared to other competitors or they get paid $500 by the company; that a cash advance would be available to the client in as little as five days; that any cash advance given is interest free; and that transactions would be closed as quickly as the law allows.

Overall, Fairfield Funding is already going a step forward in the right direction with their excellent customer service.

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