Reviews of Annuity Transfers

Annuity Transfers LTD is one of the companies that buy structured settlements. They are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau in 2014 and know the process of selling annuities is a complicated business and extended to help those who are in need. However, there are some qualities the Texas company needs to improve on. Here is a review of Annuity Transfers.

Information To Clients and Customer Service

Although potential customers can call or email about their annuity problems with the company, Annuity Transfers LTD has a very ambiguous website. They don’t directly tell their clients their rates and fees. However, the website will give enough information about the annuity selling process, the length of the process, and what legal action must be taken before an annuity is sold. It’s essential for anyone interested in working with Annuity Transfers to call and get as much detail as possible about the process in addition to getting a quote. For customers who have worked with the company so far have very positive comments on the company’s website, but it hasn’t been updated since 2011.

Limitations On Payment Services

There are several payments Annuity Transfers won’t be able to sell, such as divorce payments, child support payments, pensions, worker’s compensations, payments that are part of a retirement plan, and IRA payments. Those who need to sell anything along these lines will have a hard time convincing the company to help. If Annuity Transfers can handle your payment case, they will offer direct funding.

Employees and Staff

There are no complaints or negative views on the way the employees or staff conduct business with clients. There have been concerns for how long the delivery of payments takes, but customers who have done work with Annuity Transfers haven’t had any bad experiences so far. The company does it’s best to uphold integrity and follow through with their promises to help their customers get the cash they need. The leader of operations for the Texas-based company, Shannon Harvey, has gotten positive reviews about how informative she was during the process. However, she is only one of the three employees that exist according to their website, which is a bit misleading since visuals are implying there is much other staff behind the company. This means that the company itself is still developing, but there is a 33% chance you’ll work with an employee that knows how to conduct business appropriately. Until they hire more staff, they may not be able to attend to multiple clients as evenly as they’d like to promptly.


Annuity Transfers is not a horrible company to go to when it comes to handling a structured settlement or annuity payment, but they are still developing which is odd since they have been doing business since 2003.


  • Good standing with the BBB
  • No poor reviews on customer service so far


  • Only one-third of the employee base seems credible so far
  • Website isn’t as honest as it appears to be
  • There are limitations on annuity/structured payment services
  • Information on the payment process is limited
  • No new reviews since 2011

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