is a structured settlement buyer that claims to be the best in structured settlements purchase industry. They are a company that buys structured settlement and annuities who instead of receiving payments monthly over an extended period, would rather receive a lump sum of money. The company is an LLC based outside Orlando, Florida.

How they work

The company buys future payments of pensions, structured settlements, and annuities. According to them, they promise to turn your future payments into cash to help you cover your urgent needs whether it’s buying a house or paying huge bills. They specialize in the following future payment types:

  • Annuities.
  • Structured Settlements.
  • Pensions: If your pension payments are not covering enough when it comes to expenses, they can as well turn it into a one-time payout. also hastens the process of selling by:

  • Offering cash advances in the range of $500-$1000 to their clients depending on how high the transfer proposal is.
  • They provide free quotes to help customers decide
  • They also claim to provide financial advice to their clients to decide on how the cash they get will be spent.

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