Looking For The Best Prepaid Credit Card Companies?

Best Prepaid Credit Card Companies

Silver Prepaid MasterCard

1800 West Loop South
Suite 1400
Houston, Texas 77027


Services Offered: Prepaid credit card

Company Overview: The silver prepaid MasterCard is offered by PreCash, Inc. The company serves millions of consumers every year, and offers cards to anyone over the age of 13. The cards come with many free benefits and features, and a low monthly maintenance fee.

Our Review: PreCash has a great card. The program is great for anyone that can’t get a regular credit card, or even for parents who want their teens to have prepaid credit cards so that they have emergency money or can learn money management. The website is a little elusive when it comes to getting information about the company, but that doesn’t affect the service at all.

User Review: I got a Silver card from this company, and I love it. The fees are so low, and the places I can use my card are endless. The best part is that no one even knows that it’s prepaid. Everyone sees how fancy it looks, and assumes it’s just a credit card, which makes me feel good.


P.O. Box 1966
San Ramon, CA 94583


Services Offered: Prepaid credit card

Company Overview: AccountNow was established in 2004. They serve more than 40 million U.S. consumers that cannot get bank accounts or other credit cards. They use a service that allows consumers to build credit by paying bills on time, which is then reported. Their services include FDIC-insured deposits, debit cards, prepaid credit cards, online account features, and even direct deposit.

Our Review: AccountNow is another great prepaid credit card company. Their cards are very popular, and offer an alternative for those people who can’t get checking accounts with traditional banks. The customer support is great, and the website is easy to use. Plus, the application form is easy to fill out and the card arrives quickly.

User Review: AccountNow was the answer to my prayers. Everyone I knew had a debit card, but I didn’t because I had defaulted on a bank account. I felt like an outcast, but now that I have a debit card account and a prepaid credit card all-in-one, I can feel more secure in my financial situation.

Prepaid Credit Cards and Their Fees

Prepaid credit cards are great for many different purposes. They can be used to control spending, for teenagers whose parents want to teach them money management, and even for those who can’t get approved for other credit cards. A prepaid credit card can be a lifesaver, but it also comes with its own disadvantages. Most prepaid cards will have some sort of fees, whether those are loading fees or usage fees. Also, some cards come with monthly maintenance fees, which you pay just for using the account. To avoid these types of charges, you should research all of your options and find the prepaid credit card that has the lowest fees or no fees at all. It will likely be impossible to find a prepaid card that has absolutely no fees, so you’re better off just looking for the ones with lower fees. If you take the time to look around and compare your options, you’ll easily see that there are many cards that are very affordable and can offer something for everyone. Don’t ever just apply for the first prepaid card that you find, because you might be missing out on a better card or a better deal. Also, make sure that you don’t work with any companies that seem shady or that aren’t willing to help you out with your needs. If they are pushy in trying to get you to sign up for a card, don’t trust them. If they are considerate and willing to take the time to work with you and help you out, you can be sure that it’s a much better company to work with. Ultimately, you should never rush into getting a prepaid credit card, because you need to learn about what’s out there and what works for you before you can decide which prepaid credit cards are best for your specific needs.

Other Top Companies for Prepaid Credit Card:

NetSpend Corporation

Address: PO Box 2136
Austin, TX 78768-2136
Phone: 1-866-387-7363



Address: Online Company Only
Phone: Online Only



Address: Online Company Only
Phone: Online Only