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Best Pet Insurance Companies

Services Offered: Pet Insurance

Company Overview: Petco is one of the leading specialty pet retailers, having over 800 stores in 49 states throughout the nation. PetHealth, Inc. is the parent company of PetCare Insurance, Ltd., and offers their insurance services through Petco to all the preferred customers at a low rate. PetHealth is based out of Ontario, and offers many services to companion animals.

Our Review: This is definitely a good plan for your pets. On the website, it is spelled out for you exactly what you pay, which is anywhere between ten to thirty dollars per month, and exactly what is covered. Most policies only have a $100 deductible. The only down side of this website is trying to find the pet insurance page when you click on “petco.com”, it’s hidden in the preferred customer area.

User Review: I love the coverage I got from PetCare! It was easy to buy, and I only pay $20 per month for my two little dogs, Peanut and Lola. Last month, Lola swallowed something she shouldn’t have and had to have surgery, which cost $600. My insurance from PetCare covered $500 of that, so it’s already paid for itself for about two years.

Services Offered: Pet Insurance, Home Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Auto Insurance

Company Overview: Insurance.com is an independently owned insurance company based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Our Review: Insurance.com seems to have too much information on their site, and the layout is not efficient for consumers. However, having the comfort of using a small insurance company that is more personable than a major corporation might be worth the confusion of the web presence.

User Review: I like that Insurance.com offers a policy for all my insurance needs, and they aren’t some giant corporation that doesn’t care about their customers. I was originally looking for a pet insurance company, but these guys can do everything, so I went with them. There is so much information that is helpful on their website, and their customer service is great.

Services Offered: Pet Insurance

Company Overview: Union Plus Pet Insurance is a branch of the Union Plus Network. They offer pet insurance to all customers, with special discounts for labor union members. They are a member of the AFL-CIO and have been in business since 1986.

Our Review: Site has a great layout, but seems to have too much information in one place. Perhaps if they had a different web presence for each product the website would be less cluttered, instead of cramming it all into one. However, customer service section is great and they seem like a solid company.

User Review: I am a member of the labor union and I love the benefits I get from UnionPlus. All of their products suit my needs perfectly, and I was excited when I learned they had pet insurance so I could protect my pets, because they’re family too.

Services Offered: Pet Insurance

Company Overview: Company was founded in 1996 by a pet owner who was dissatisfied with his current pet insurance due to lack of coverage. They offer financial assistance for all pets, regardless of breed or medical history.

Our Review: It’s always nice to find a small company started by an average guy. The only thing I dislike about this company or their website is the fact that no matter which page you’re on, there’s a huge button that says “Sign up now!”. It’s overkill with sales.

User Review: My dachshund was denied for pet insurance because he is considered high risk. I was elated when I found PetAssure and they offered me financial assistance regardless of what kind of dog Roscoe was.

How To Select The Best Company For Pet Insurance

Buying pet insurance may seem like a silly concept to some pet owners, but to those who’ve had the hassle of dealing with thousands of dollars in medical expenses, getting a pet insurance policy can be a financial savior. Most companies will offer a basic plan, a middle-of-the-road plan, and a top of the line, all inclusive plan. Depending on what kind of medical needs your pet has, you can choose the plan that’s right for you. Also, you will need to know that some dogs, like some people, cannot be insured by most, if not all, companies. There are certain dogs that are considered high risk, such as dachshunds, who are prone to back problems and that is considered a pre-existing condition. However, if you do have an insurable pet, most pet insurance policies are easier to understand that human insurance policies. Most companies will spell out how much coverage you have and what can be covered based on the plan that you . If your dog is usually healthy, but you’re just planning ahead in case something happens, then a more minimal policy will do fine. However, if your dog is accident prone or has a laundry list of illnesses then perhaps a more extensive plan is necessary. No matter what your needs, one thing is certain: shopping for pet insurance is much easier than shopping for your own personal health insurance. And if you ever do have questions about pet insurance but don’t know where to go, you can contact an independent agency for assistance, or even go to your local pet store, and someone should be able to explain things to you there. Just remember, your pets are important, and you don’t want to wind up with thousands of dollars in medical bills that you can’t pay, so pet insurance is a great alternative.

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