Best Mortgage Leads Companies

Home Gain
1250 45th Street, Suite 200, Emeryville, CA 94608
Services Offered: Mortgage Leads, Realtor Services, Other Real Estate Services

Company Overview: Home Gain, which is owned by Classified Ventures, LLC, is based in California. They have over 300 online partnerships and 5 million plus visitors to their website every month. Home gain is an online tool for everything real estate, including mortgages, realtors, home appraisals, and more.

Our Review: Home Gain has a great program for generating mortgage leads. They offer partnerships with over 300 companies, which almost guarantees that you’ll make money off of this affiliation. Their service is great and the options are amazing. You should check this company out.
User Review: Home Gain offers a great incentive for mortgage leads. They’re so helpful and friendly when you need to know information about their affiliate programs, too. I signed up for their program about six months ago, and I haven’t had a dry month yet, regardless of the housing market.

Quicken Loans
20555 Victor Parkway Livonia, MI 48152
Services Offered: Mortgage Leads Program

Company Overview: Quicken Loans began over 22 years ago. They have over 4,000 employees and more than 150 loan programs. They have a 94% customer satisfaction rating, additionally. In 2006, they serviced over $18 billion in loans for consumers.

Our Review: Quicken has a great mortgage leads program, and their generation rates are quite good. They are a well known company, and do plenty of business annually, so their leads program is a great one to check into. Also, the program is simple to apply for and to work with, and their employees are always on hand to help when needed.

User Review: I love the mortgage leads program at Quicken. Iíve been able to get so many leads just from them, even with the current state of the housing market. Iím so glad that I decided to give their services a chance. I initially only wanted to work with companies that offered leads generation from multiple companies, but have found out that sometimes the best leads come from companies directly.
2401 Colorado Ave., Suite 200 Santa Monica, CA 90404
Services Offered: Mortgage leads affiliation program

Company Overview: handles over 350,000 consumer requests every month. The company was acquired by Experian in 2005, but has been in business since 2000. They offer a high profile leads program with direct links to Experian soft credit pulls.

Our Review: A lending company partnered with a credit reporting company seems like a great concept. It’s obviously working for them, because they seem to generate a lot of traffic. Signing up for their leads program is probably only going to help you.

User Review: I signed up for the leads program with The service I got was great, and I’m getting amazing leads. It’s nice to find a company that’s not charging me for bogus outdated leads, but actually turning a profit for me.
Other Top Companies for Mortgage Leads :

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Phone : 877-245-3237

Address : Online Only

Phone : 888-532-3285

Address : 2420 Michelson, Suite 200 Irvine, CA, 92612

Phone : 888-435-3239

Mortgage Leads Direct

Address : Online Only

How To Select The Best Company For Mortgage Leads

If you are a licensed mortgage broker, you are no doubt suffering the effects of the terrible housing market as of late. Therefore, you might be wondering where you can go to find some mortgage leads. The Internet has become a wide open land of opportunity for mortgage leads and insurance leads, a business that used to require a lot more personal contact and effort. Now, with the use of the Internet, mortgage brokers and lenders can generate an unending supply of mortgage leads for themselves, simply by signing up with a company that offers such an affiliation. It has taken off quite successfully, partly due to the vastness of opportunity, but partly because of the lack of physical work involved. Almost every non-bank related website has an affiliate program for those who are looking for mortgage leads. The memberships they offer basically give the lender or broker connections to customers who are looking for their services. It ultimately saves you time, letting you fill out a few forms and sit back and wait for the loan offers to come in. You are not going to get rich overnight by using companies like these, but they will definitely increase your business. Choosing which company or companies to use will be mostly a matter of personal preference, related mainly to three items: cost (if any) of affiliation, background and history of the company and what their mission statement is, and the overall principles and beliefs. If it disagrees at all with whatever it is your beliefs and mission are, then you should probably not work with a company, because you don’t want a bad company carrying your name. Other than that, choosing which companies to sign up with for mortgage leads is going to be a fairly simple choice, based on the overall investment versus the company’s reputation.

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