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I have a disorder/disability where I do not deal with certain pressure situation very well. The company knows this. I have paid them for Audit Defense for several years and when I finally was audited they played games with me and my mental state. Deborah Herrell from their staff became a bully to me and played emotional games with me via their messaging portal and on the telephone. I asked them to assign me to a tax professional as I paid for countless times and they refuse. Then I asked to communicate with the owner of the company, which they ignored until I asked on the telephone with Ms. Herrell and she told me that is not going to happen. I wonder why Jake Sindt would be too busy to review cases where paid customers feel abused by his staff? I have made every effort to reach him from messages and requests from his staff and all have been ignored. I would find someone to represent you away from and TurboTax recommends them but they do not understand how to work with customers - They have played and abused me.
Joel - Lake Forest, IL
February 10, 2020

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