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This is complete waste of time and money. A lot of the material that is available in internet for free. They use hypnotic and emotional marketing to sign me up. Most of the reviews by other users are when they are one week into the program when they are just done the clearing sessions. Don't fall for this scam. The coaching has been monotonous and make you get more depressed due to methodologies used in the session, and the homework - they are total waste of time. None of their techniques provides solutions to real life problems, it is a total waste of time. I signed up with a great enthusiasm and when I approach the coaching team with the real time issues all they tell you to use the clearing techniques, ho-po-no-po-no etc. Believe none of these techniques provide solution to real time issues that you face in life. Instead I found a better way with my own research to transform myself, I can better coach anyone who is struggling with Anxiety and depression. I stopped attending the coaching sessions and demanded my money back but didn't refund my money posing contractual obligations. I tried the coaching again and didn't experience anything different, I found the actual ways to fight anxiety and they are helping. Don't fall for this hypnotic marketing trap...It is a SCAM!!!! BEWARE!!!! I invested $7500 in this program with a great enthusiasm and expectation. They know that one cannot afford so much money so they have affiliation with a company called monterey financial (you can read the reviews on consumer affairs and BBB) and I was given loan , I was made to pay $271 every month for 3 years. I am down to 1 year now. I repent my decision every day and this made me more stressful seeing money going out of my paycheck every month. In addition to this I also pay $19.99/month for 3 years for accessing their website which has absolutely nothing. FRIENDS BEWARE - Don't fall for their hypnotic marketing - They marketing technique is so smart and hypnotic - after the first call they will give you set of questions about your goals and visions and will be told that you will be selected for program based on your answers , I know you will be so excited about this and put down all your goals and visions how your life want to be - then after an hour or so they will give you a call back and go over the answer and will say that - yeah looks like based on your answers you have all that takes to take benefit of the program and will be told "you carefully screen people for our program, based on your answers, looks like you are the best fit and you are selected" and you will fall for it. Don’t FALL for such hypnotic marketing techniques. Actual program is nothing to do with your goals and visions for your life. Friends - I hope I have written enough to make you aware and realize it is not worth paying so much money into this. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS, SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DO YOURSELF A GIFT! I will try my best to create maximum awareness wherever i can. I DEMAND MY MONEY BACK.
Lokesh - Irving, texas
January 23, 2020

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