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At FundFirst Capital, our promise to you is to deliver reviews, recommendations and proven strategies to improve nearly every part of your life. All of this information is provided at no cost to you. What’s the catch? There is no catch as we believe in full transparency while other companies attempt to scam or trick you.

Many of the products and recommendation we make on this site we are paid a commission. Does this mean we are swayed in our recommendations? Absolutely not. In fact, we guarantee the recommendations we give will improve your life. And instead of you paying thousands of dollars to gain access to life and financial strategies, we include them free because we believe in giving back.


Some would have you believe success is difficult, even fleeting. Nonsense. It is simple once you understand how to lay the proper foundation to build your success upon.


The most powerful strategies in the world revolve around simple changes. Take back control of your life and live a healthier, more prosperous and joyous life. It is the FundFirst Capital way.


Even the best advice or sound strategy is worthless if you can’t do it. Nearly every tip and recommendation is actionable whether you have $1 in your pocket or $1 million.

What To Expect

Your Home
Learn from top experts how to find the best mortgage. Looking to refinance? We have that covered too. What about second mortgages and reverse mortgages? It can all get real confusing. We lay everything out for you, so you know the right questions to ask. to not just save you money, but save you the aggravation and stress that often goes along with dealing with large loans. We even cover the best way to remodel your kitchen or your master bathroom.

Your Car
Picking out a car is usually easy, getting the right car loan often isn’t. Most Americans spend so much time in getting the right deal for a car and then just lay down when it comes to getting the loan, and all your tough negotiating skills were for naught as the financing deal is a very bad deal indeed.

You need insurance in case something bad happens. But how much insurance and from what company? You’ve heard the nightmare stories of major national disasters hitting and insurance companies going bankrupt, so even though you have coverage, you aren’t actually covered. There are insurance tricks the rich know that we will teach you to level the playing field.

Need money? Not so fast. Don’t just take the first deal you get, even if it is from your own personal bank. You want a loan that will not cash strap you for years. Know what all the terms mean and also how much the loan is going to cost you through the life of the loan. Find out if there are any origination fees, hidden fees, or pre-payment penalties.

We are going to be covering a lot more things that will help you every step of the way. You will wonder how you made it in life this far without knowing all these tips and ways you make your life a little bit better.

Learn how to sell your structured settlement the RIGHT way for the best offer and lowest fees available in the market.

There are a lot of companies out there that will play the “bait-and-switch” game with you. Protect your primary asset, your home, against predators with our advice and recommendations.