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Catalina Structured Funding: If you have a legal settlement, lottery winnings, or any other financial windfall that you won’t receive in one piece, but instead will be paid several or many payments over time, you might consider getting cash for structured settlement payments. After all, in these instances and much more, Catalina promotes itself as one business name you want to know. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much more than a Google search to find that wherever the company goes, trouble will soon follow.

What’s Up at the BBB?

It used to be that when you had a complaint against a business, the group you wanted to be talking to was the Better Business Bureau. Unfortunately, although that might still to some degree be true, it seems like, in the case of Catalina Structured Funding, one group isn’t talking to another. This is because, despite the fact that Catalina maintains an AA rating with the BBB, there are records on the Internet that show a series of lawsuits over Catalina and their methods of doing business. In other sources of information, Catalina had no reports whatsoever, positive of negative.

Getting Off the Fence

Strangely, with all of the legal issues that Catalina seems to find itself embroiled in, reports of problems and dissatisfied (as well as satisfied) customers seem to be lacking. It seems like if a company is going to be drawn into a lawsuit, a minor complaint about a business practice will precede everything. As a result, when there are records of lawsuits having been filed, and even settled with a company but lacking extraneous complaints and reviews, you have to wonder why.

Best Deals on the Internet

If there’s one issue present about putting a business out on the Internet, it’s a fact that you can make practically anything look like a multinational corporation. It doesn’t matter whether it’s something as big as a real multinational or a mom and pop shop, looks can be designed to be deceiving, which might interest me in a strong possibility in the case of Catalina. The website only shows one location, in La Crescenta, and besides the CEO, there appears to be only one other person named, so to deal with a company which can be presumed to be so small, it would take a lot of faith to read past the image this company projects.

A Handshake

It is also interesting to note that according to the website, all you have to do is to call the business, tell them what you have to offer as far as a structured settlement, and they will tell you what kinds of terms they are willing to offer. Fair enough. With little more than this information, Catalina can tell you whether they want to get involved in your business and even that they are willing to go as high as 10 to 50 percent over the offers of other firms. In a business like buying structured settlements, you have to wonder what kind of adjustments they make once you get to their offices where the real wheeling and dealing is done.

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