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What Is a Structured Settlement?

A Structured Settlement is a contract where an insurance company agrees to make regular payments to a specific individual over a set period of time. It allows the insurance company to pay a settlement in installments or pieces, rather than all at once. Payments can be spread out over several years, which is not always easy to live with.

If you were injured and reached a settlement of your personal injury case, it is likely that the court provided for a structured settlement for the insurance company to compensate you for your injuries.

Structured settlements pay you out gradually, over the course of months or more frequently years. They allow the insurance company to take its time and give you your money in installments or pieces of the entire amount that the court decided you deserve. We understand that this is not always the best thing-if you have medical bills, or debts, or even if you need to spend money for your education, or for a house or a car, you need the money in one lump sum, instead of in smaller payments.

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