Looking For The Best Apply Credit Card Companies?

Best Apply Credit Card Companies

Services Offered: Apply credit card

Company Overview: First Plus Platinum began in 2007, offering guaranteed approval to all who apply for credit cards. They have a variety of cards and programs for each consumer, depending on their specific needs. They serve thousands of customers each year, which makes them a strong company in the credit card industry. Their business is an online company, but they have a phone and mailing address contact for account holders.

Our Review: First Plus Platinum can allow anyone to apply for credit cards and get approval, thanks to the services that they offer. Their customer service is very helpful, and their website is extremely simple to use. If you have bad luck with apply credit card offers, this is one that you can’t miss.

User Review: I never thought I’d apply for credit cards and actually get approved, until I found First Plus Platinum. They are such a great company, and they were so helpful when I applied with them. I love the service I got and the fact that I applied and was approved in like 15 minutes total.

Services Offered: Apply credit card

Company Overview: Bank of Internet currently has more than $1 billion in assets. Considering that they’re only about 10 years old, they are making a name for themselves as the first of their kind. They are an online-only lender that was started in 1999, and they are fully FDIC-insured, as any traditional bank would be.

Our Review: Bank of Internet is a great company for all of your apply credit card needs. They have different solutions for just about anyone who wants a credit card. It doesn’t matter if you have good credit or bad, because they have cards for both. The fact that they operate online helps you get lower rates, too, which is nice.

User Review: Bank of Internet has really cool products for people who want to apply for credit cards. I have decent credit, and they hooked me up with a card that helped boost my credit and gave me cash back rewards, too. I was super excited to finally have my own credit card.

Services Offered: Apply credit card

Company Overview: Discover card was founded in 1986. Their cards have always had no annual fees and rewards programs, making them a leader in the apply credit card industry. They work with two payment networks, and those networks had more than 3 billion transactions in 2006 collectively. The PULSE network of Discover is associated with over 4,400 banks and lenders, and has over 260,000 ATMs around the world.

Our Review: Discover is one of the first names that people often think of when they apply for credit cards, and for good reason. The company is a leader in the credit card industry, and has many different options when it comes to apply credit card choices. The customer service is outstanding and the website even offers a card chooser to help you find the one that meets your needs.

User Review: Discover card was my first choice when I wanted to apply credit card. My mom had always had one and enjoyed the low rates and the rewards she got, so I wanted to work with them too. When I finally got mine, I was so excited. I’m going to be a customer for life, and recommend it to anyone who wants a super credit card company.

Services Offered: Apply credit card

Company Overview: Credit Axis started in 2003 to give everyone the chance to apply for credit cards, regardless of their financial history. They work with more than 80 lenders in their network, offering information and resources for everyone. They also offer loans for home purchases, business startups, student loans, and more.

Our Review: Credit Axis is a great option for anyone looking to apply for credit cards. Other companies might be more obvious, but Credit Axis can get anyone approved for credit card, which is a nice change for those who are having trouble getting approved. Their customer service is great and they have a fairly simple application process, as well.

User Review: Credit Axis was so great. For once I hit the ‘apply credit card’ button, and was approved. I am so excited to finally have my own credit card, and I can’t wait to tell everyone about them, because not everyone has perfect credit, and that doesn’t make us all bad. The customer service is top of the line, too!

How to Apply For Credit Cards

There are hundreds of different types of credit cards out there, if not thousands. Many people get credit happy and click every single ‘apply credit card’ button that they get their hands on, while others are too scared to ever apply for credit carks without a little encouragement from family and friends. Overall, choosing the credit cards that you want will come down to your needs. If you want cash back, you’ll need to find a card that offers that option. If you want rewards programs, once again, you’ll need to find credit cards that offer that option. You should never apply for credit cards that you can’t actually use or that don’t meet your needs. Also, you need to make sure that you are getting the right APR and other fees on the card based on your credit history, and not what other people are getting. For example, if your credit score is 500, you shouldn’t expect to get an APR lower than 10% unless the card is running a special deal or introductory offer. Also, if you’ve got near-perfect credit, you shouldn’t be paying top rates, and if you are, you should reevaluate your decision to apply credit card offers. For many people, credit cards are a temptation that they just don’t understand. Here are some tips. First, you want a card with NO annual fee. If a card makes you pay, it’s generally not worth it, unless you have perfect credit and it’s a members-only card with exclusive privileges. Also, you shouldn’t get a credit card if you can’t afford to pay the bill. There are many types of credit cards out there, but you can usually find programs on different websites that will help you choose the card that works best for you, depending on what you want and need when you apply for credit cards. Keep these things in mind, and you might find it much easier to apply for credit cards.

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